Constance is one of the characters in the current Facebook series, Sacred Lies.


Constance is Minnow’s younger sister, born and raised in the wilderness of Montana as part of the cult. She is bright-eyed, warm and inquisitive. A true believer, confident and happy, bursting with questions about the cult's peculiar faith, desperate to do her part for the cause. Over time, she falls further into her zealotry, becoming stronger and more stubborn. Something which forces her to make a horrifying choice.

Life Edit

Constance was born to



  • During the dead body for no hands scene, she is lying to Minnow Bly. This mirrors one of the final scenes in Star Wars Episode VI; Return of Jedi; Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine off a balcony once Vader saw a chance at redemption, much like Minnow Bly.
  • She is similar of Scar From The Lion King.
  • She is similar of Lotso From Toy Story 3.



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